August 24, 2011


One of those absolutely marvelous blasts from the past that will come back to haunt The Chicago Jesus as he begins his 14-month-long Jobs Tour. Courtesy of Hot Air:

What's this Jobs Tour you speak of, O mighty War Planner? Well, my son, this is the adventures of our beloved Magic Negro as he auditions before the American public in search of employment for the next quadrennial.

Of course, with Gallup and Rasmussen giving way beneath his feet, I suggest he dial his expectations down a wee and run for Alderman in the city council of his home sewer city of Chicago.

JUST IN CASE YOU JUST CAME BACK FROM A VACATION ON THE MOON: Gallup and Rasmussen served up a double decker crap sandwich for our darling boy yesterday. Obama sank to a new low 38% approval and the Raz DT had him also at a new low of -26% in their "Strongly" index.

He's still at 38% today at Gallup but the Raz DT has him back at a "more respectable" -23% in their daily tracking.

However the poll woes continue daily: also courtesy of Hot Air, a Magellan poll has him on life support at 37%  in the must-have state of Florida. There, Romney (+10%), Perry (+7%), and even Bachmann (%1) are beating this guy like a rented mule in the head-to-head polling.

Yo! Enjoy your golf game today, G.

ANOTHER DARK SIDE OF THE MOON UPDATE: Cue Pink Floyd, here is some more bad news, this time from Real Clear Politics. Their aggregate of polls have The Light Bringer underwater FROM ALL OF THEIR INCLUDED POLLS. Check it out:

If I'm Barry, I'm thinking, "Well, maybe one more year hear at Martha's Vineyard on the taxpayers' nickel and then I am on my own."



  1. ..come home to roost someday?
    There is chicken crap all over the barnyard, old son!

    Try 08/01/2011 when his numbers began to slide big time because a lot of the brain-dead American Idol public finally pulled their heads out of their nether regions and saw what a feckless fool this motard really is.

  2. I'm encouraged people are starting to wake up to this grifter and his mooching wife.