August 3, 2011

Get on the bus, gus..

" don't need to discuss much.."

Seems Obama will be mounting the old Greyhound (sorry*) a couple of weeks from now from now to -- once again -- pivot to the matter of job creation in this country. But, as I recall, and as the article cited points out, this guy must be dizzy from all this pivoting. Kinda reminiscent of that scene in BeetleJuice where Michal Keaton almost has his head spin off.

Man, doncha hate it when that happens?

But, our light bringer hero is going to fan out across our mighty land to meet the evil darkness head on and, finally, nip this pesky little no job creation thingy in the bud:

Obama will embark on a three-day tour from Aug. 15 - 17. The administration said Wednesday that the trip had long been planned, but wouldn’t outline an itinerary beyond saying the stops would be in the Midwest.

The bus is a rare mode of travel for a sitting president. Commanders in chief usually travel in the comfort of Air Force One or Marine One, and on the ground, the president has a blast-proof limousine for all occasions.

Yeah, that ought to do it: three days traveling by bus through the heart of America in states where, strangely enough, he needs to campaign for re-election.

A tour through the Midwest is likely to take Obama through states vital to his 2012 reelection bid, including some spots where his party saw significant losses in the 2010 midterm elections.

The White House is billing the trip as an administration event, and it will run the operation, not Obama’s reelection campaign.
The trip might help explain why the Secret Service purchased two armored buses for its fleet earlier this year. The protective agency told The Hill it planned to use the buses during the presidential campaign — with one bus designated for the Republican nominee — and also for large entourages of visiting dignitaries.

So then there's that, you betcha. The son-of-a-bitch is gonna make up for the campaign trips he missed by having to stay in Washington and duel the evil Boehner and the proxy minions of the Tea Party Terrorists and he is sticking us with the bill.

Seriously, and to tie this all together, there is an incredible outgushing stories in the wake of the debt ceiling imbroglio and the central theme of these seem to be our boy gettin' back on the campaign trail, masking electioneering with POTUS biz, and the "dog ate my homework" excuse about how he will not meet his re-election funding goals.

It smells of desperation to me.

..I wasn't going to run it, but in light of the effort I am expending keeping all of these stories straight, what the hell:

(*I didn't mean to infer that The Chicago Jesus would be buggering a dog although that image woudl be reminiscent of what he has been doing to America in general and the economy in particular -- screwing the pooch.)


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