August 17, 2016

Yet even more poll dancing..

Again, I do not put much stock in polls at this time because (1) they are skewed or over-sampled and/or (2) they do not mean shit this far out from the election.


("Ah hah!", you say. Here comes the big "but". Not to be confused, of course, with Clintoon sashaying into the room wearing one of this those $15K housecoat-with-sleeves double-knit pantsuits, with her immense caboose and California Redwood thighs going "scritch..scritch..scritch..".)

..however, the Los Angeles Times/USC poll is updated daily and I consult it for reference or to see trends. In other words, absent hard reference points, it's a good trend index. So, how's this grab you:

So the breathless MSM/FNS/GOPe narrative would be that Donald Trump has climbed back into the race after his campaign was on life support receiving a ten count. Well, that's horse shit as I said. But it shows me that Trump is viable after the two conventions, two months, three campaign shake-ups, and an avalanche of bullshit laid on him by the media. It also shows that he is neck-and-neck after Clintoon has spent $200 million and he has spent zero, zilch, nada and done little more than barnstorm around the country on Trump One, shadowing Hillary and rolling up ten times the crowds she has.

Sure is going to get interesting.

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  1. Hillary will likely have more of her "advisors" killed as they fail her or as their fragile morality doesn't allow for the more egregious stuff and they blow the whistle. The Saudis will need to fork over a few more hundred million to the "woman who would be leader of the free world". It must be tough for them to do that. I wonder what it will buy?