August 12, 2016

Don't Crowd Him..

Pictures of the day?

..nor crowd him:

"I am Patriot"

He's an attendee at a Trump rally who basically wanted to show his contempt for CNN and the lying and distortion it's been doing. But, it engendered this response from the CNN editor:
CNN's Jeremy Diamond responds to the Trump supporter at a rally in Florida last night who called members of the mainstream media "traitors!"

"That language was especially vitriolic and especially harsh, but it is not like this isn't an incident we've seen replicated other times," he said. "It varies in degrees of course. By no means is the man last night representative of all Trump supporters, but that is the kind of behavior that comes out and can become normalized, when you have a presidential candidate who is repeatedly calling out the media as the worst human beings on earth, as scum, and calling on his supporters to boo the media behind them."
..what a fucking surprise! You print lies and distort the truth to the American people and you get treated like the sack of bovine fecal matter that you are and you expect..what? Flowers and candy?

Suggest you pull your head out of your rectum and see (and report) the world as it really is.

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