August 29, 2016


Stolen from Breitbart and just reeking with irony, another "me too" blog post from your humble narrator. Of course she will be looking in the mirror to start?

One wonders why she would tangentially grab onto this subject. I mean, it ties so-o-o-o-o-o very closely with the economy, immigration, and national security. There are those who gaslight and say that she's got the election wrapped up (NOTHING could be further from reality) and others who do the Eeyore thing by claiming Trump's early August rants were merely an attempt by him to torpedo his candidacy. However, I think we have exactly the opposite here. Clintoon in the past two weeks with the outbreak of calamitous news for her campaign, Frau Colostomy Bag scaled back her appearances (admission that she doe snot play in Peoria), scheduled an appearance in Reno (before a robust crowd of 400 or so campaign staffers, paid actors, and the few curious souls who wandered in out of the noonday heat) and ranted about how Trump is a racist and a hate monger, and now picked up this non sequitur to yak about.

Sure seems like she's tanking herself on purpose to me..

..or maybe there's more to this mental illness thing than meets the eye!

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