August 18, 2016

Shit Show winds down..


These Rio De Janero-ians ain't too blindingly swift, are they? First, their shit bag socialist government folds leaving no cash to cover the whole operation, then they spend all of the money meant for slum improvement and built a huge brick wall around all of the slums, then they impeach their lying, crook president (sound familiar?), then they can't complete some of the venues and lose the gate key for others, then they discover cadavers and couches floating in the bay where some swimming events and boating events take place and body parts about 50 yards from the beach volleyball venue, then they set up athletic dorms with open sewage and hot and cold running pallegra, then they openly cheer when U.S. athletes stumble and fall, then they sequester/kidnap two of our athletes who claim they were robbed at gunpoint, then..

..hey! you getting all of this? It's beginning to sound like a Paul Joseph Watson rant, innit? If only I had a three-day beard, a wall-sized map of the world, and a video camera.

I forget anything?

Oh yeah, how about opening ceremonies conducted in what looks like a giant, pulsing, fevered, unshaven vagina?

Yessir! All this and this shit berg denied Chicago -- negro murder capitol of the world -- the chance to host this quadrennial crapfest.

Sometimes life is just too good!

ADD OLYMPICS: I would hasten to add that I am closing in on a personal best: I have only watched 30 seconds of this coverage because Mrs War Planner wanted to show me one of her Japanese countrymen winning an unexpected bronze medal in swimming.

Yay for him. Hope his bowels and his health are intact.

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