August 10, 2016

Clintoonian body count rises..

I am *officially* now sending off for my tin foil hat after seeing Paul Joseph Watson's video below.

Note: NOT your humble narrator. This guy is much more handsome and sane looking.

Here's Paul on the subject of Seth Rich's demise:

UPDATE: I am also nominating myself for the "black helicopter crowd" because I have come to believe that Clintoon's health problems ARE REAL and not some right wing whimsical looney tunes fever swamp dream. But is goes further than that. I firmly believe that she is driven to run for POTUS not only by her blind ambition but also because, given all of the favors she and her hubby have doled out, the folks who have given them money are calling in the chips and NEED her to become president so they can benefit. That, and the fact that, if she's elected, she has some measure of protection from her past misdeeds.

These are the devils that are driving her and the wages of the sins she's committed.

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  1. She had to establish order in the ranks. There is precedent. The Roman legions used decimation as a tool to do the same thing.

    Good bye Seth. Say high to Vince Foster when you see him.