August 29, 2016


I am in a bad mood this morning, Monday, 29 August 2016.


Well, for one, it's Monday and let's leave it at that. But on a tangential albeit post-filling subject, no one will accuse Frau Colostomy Bag of over-exposure:

The Diseased Beached Whale from today to 14 September.. 

..and through the third week in October.

No wonder Donald Trump now calls her "Hiding Hillary"! That's only SIX appearances in SEVEN weeks and note that TWO of her appearances are the Presidential Debates and there are EIGHT fundraisers..and what in the hell is the "Commander-in-Chief Forum"?

Plenty of nap time programmed in there but maybe there is a bright side to all of this. If she get [s]elected, then she'll probably snooze her way through four years and just collect the money.

Also, given her health and the fact that she has to "pillow up" or provide a stool sample at her appearances, one wonders if she actually will make the debates or will she have a designated "surrogate" stand in for her. Maybe they could line up The Lawn Jockey POTUS and bill it as one of his "farewell tour" appearances like they did for Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Larry Byrd, or Kobe "The Rapist" Bryant. They probably could work in a guest walk-on for Candy "Cookie Monster" Crowley.

Can't you just see it now:
"Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for our once-and-forever-beloved President of the United States, Barack Who-sein Obama, who will be accepting the award for Secretary of State Hillary "Make Your Checks Payable To" Clinton."

"..please clap."


  1. What if she has a grand mal seizure on stage or something? That would screw things up for the progs. She's winning, so why show up anywhere. It can only go down hill for her. My sense is that she's simply not feeling well and has to marshal her strength for the odd appearance.

    Corruption doesn't matter to people who vote for her, buy having a fit might.

  2. ..she's got the waterfront covered. She'll have 30-minute bathroom breaks written into the debate deal and will be woofing two or three boxes of Smith Bros cough drops and a have a pint of Southern Comfort in her hip pocket. Mr Syringe Man will be at her elbow the whole time and she'll be on a chaise lounge with more pillows than some Middle Eastern sultan.

    And don't "gaslight"! NO, she's NOT winning. The polls are over-sampled with Dems and women and she cannot get squat for a turnout. If you can't generate foot traffic to your events, then no one's getting up off the couch in November.

    The reason for the eight fundraisers is that the Dems need the money for the down-ticket races and she need the money to pay off her lawyers and the third-world hit men who will be coming to collect their bribes when she loses.

  3. That all makes perfect sense to me.