August 19, 2016

Where I go to get my [political] rocks off...

..oh, for fuck's sake!!!
Hot Gas just came up with an interrogatory:

Gasland Confidential: Gassers reveal their “guilty pleasure” daily must read sites!

So, I responded in no special order for their imagination:

(1) NOT EVER AGAIN DeadAir. (Why would anyone *willfully* rummage around a festering septic tank.

(2) Weasel Zippers, (I love the war porn but I skip the detailed pictures of how the R.O.P. Goat Humpers find new ways to off their captives.)

(3) Breitbart. (Rarely comment. It's like having an intimate conversation in the with 93,500 of your closest friends in the L. A. Memorial Mausoleum during a USC football game.)

(4) Drudge. (Daily fire-up/catch-up. Has Clintoon finally fallen off her stool and vapor locked?)

(5) You Tube vids:

(a) Paul Joseph Watson rants. (ANYTHING he does with F**K in the title. F**K George Clooney is infinitely re-watchable.)

(b) Dissection of Donald Trump rally crowds versus the pathetic photo-shopping and cheerleading attempts by her staffers and the MSM.

(c) Alex Jones/INFO WARS that engage clueless BernBots and Hillaey supporters.

(d) Gavin McGinnes. (When he takes down Clinton Supporters and/or anti-Trump demonstrators. Any rant about dickless liberals, especially ugly SJW and uglier 3G feministas who melt down and drop the F-bomb to emphasize their pointless points.)

(e) NOT ANYMORE Stephen Crowder. (Used to was; now just two hours of unhip, non-funny, tangential non-issues. Who gives a crap about the Northern tier of states and Canada, eh?)

(f) Especially serious videos of the threadbare, empty-high-shcool auditorium Clintoon rallies where 65% of the sub-1,000 audience are obligatory attendees and the other 35% are huddled together on the risers behind Clintoon, her stool, and her pillow for the tight MSM-limited-crowd-scans. Special added bonus: dropping razor-witted barbs down on the mouth-breathing, mirror-fogging, brain dead Hillary proles who react like paramecia to bright lights. No f**king clue.)

(g) ibidem. (Love to Hoover up the schadenfreude as as legions of pro-Trump supporters descend upon the aforesaid clueless like the scene in Lawrence of Arabia where the A-Rabs fall upon the wretched, pathetic retreating Turkish column screaming "No Prisoners". Yeah, the metaphoric, blood-and-gore-spattered bed sheets are fun to visualize as well.)

Will be back for more.

(c) War Planner Megalomaniacal enterprises. (Reserved for my person blog.)

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