August 25, 2016

In the tank for Clintoon big time..

When I was a young officer in the USAF, I was instructed that military protocol dictated our STANDING UP when a senior-ranking officer (or civilian government DOD official) came into the room. And we WERE TO REMAIN STANDING until bade by that senior officer or official to be seated.

Here, some CNN diaper-wearing toady has clearly levitated above his pay grade in his zeal to promote Frau Colostomy Bag. My only hope is that this little puke ends up sharing a dirty needle with a transgender stevedore from the New York waterfront and dies a horrible death with the sticker in his arm and the trans' member inserted to the hilt in his virginal anus.

"Oh man..

"..sometimes the bullshit piles up so fast around here you need wings to stay above it.."

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