August 4, 2016

What's going on..

Jeeeeee-zus! It's incredible the spin the media is putting on Clintoon versus Trump! These people, the GOPe scum and the Demtards AND the media are spinning the anti-Kahn stuff (going on five days now) and the "Trump campaign is imploding" messages so much, it seems like The famous scene form Beetlejuice:

Firstly, get a grip! Trump did rallies in Jacksonville and Daytona and they were sold out

..Clintoon had a rally in Omaha (where she said she would raise taxes on the middle class) and the turnout was "several thousands".

So, here's more sad reality for the bubble-assed skank and it surely hurts:

And on a final note, it seems that the critics ("helpful and otherwise") are really getting animated. How many saw Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove on O'Reilly last night? Listening to his response to an O'Reilly question, I became aware that the man was clearly unhinged. It was not his usual, slow-paced delivery with that stupid-assed white board but rather a staccato series of fulminations replete with slobbering, stuttering, and animated gesticulations. At several points, he interrupted O'Reilly in an effort to push his "trump is imploding" message. When O'Reilly finally shooed him off the segment, Rove was attempting to jabber more of his points as the camera faded to a laxative commercial.

Were he an acquaintance of mine, I'd be seriously concerned thinking he's flipped out.

Then I pulled the camera back and realized that a lot of the media types (including the on on CNN who called him a dickhead) are truly unhinged BECAUSE THEY HAVE COME TO THE REALIZATION THAT HE HAS A CHANCE TO WIN. And consider The Lawn Jockey POTUS's announcement one day that he thought Trump could win only to be followed by his imploring Ryan and the other GOPe scum to disavow him.

Here's O'Reilly interviewing Turd Blossom (you'll have to fast forward): on, Wayne.

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  1. The internationalists are foaming at the mouth.

    Imagine the INVESTIGATIONS that Trump could launch as president, and what rocks could be turned over on both Reps and Dems... He's a man to be feared. Jeb! was not.