August 10, 2016


Seems like the media aren't the only ones propping up Hillary Clinton these days.

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for this one. Sayeth the Gateway author:

A photo from April shows now-Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton being firmly held up by a man on her right side to keep her from falling over as she addressed an overflow crowd during a campaign stop in Los Angeles, while a man on her left side is seen urgently extending his arm to aid in propping up Clinton.

The man holding Clinton up has one hand clasping her right hand and his other hand grasping her bicep. Clinton is leaning forward speaking to the crowd using a microphone held in her left hand.


  1. I wish I had that job.

    I'd let the Bitch of Benghazi bite the concrete.

  2. ..tangential: you want to grab a beer some time and catch up on conspiracy theories and black ops, LL?