August 16, 2016

Comes the revolution..

(I wrote this comment over at Hot Gas in response to a post by Fossten who said we need to have a divorce in this country because the left and right are in the midst of a terminal case of irreconcilable differences, I say it;s more serious than that.)

Much more than a divorce.. conversations about impending revolution, it will come sooner than later if Clintoon wins. (More below.) If trump wins, it will hardly be a victory. This is not a slam against Trump, but he's not a "principled conservative" in the same way Cruz and so many of the constipated "purists" are. You see, the truth is that a "purist" (even a well-intentioned one; not a Cruz) could not survive the onslaught of the leftists, libs, and liberal press like Trump is doing.

So, if Trump wins, there there will be deals cut, concessions made, etc. Again, not a slam against Trump. It's just his style. You have to play ball with the bureaucrats and power owners to build skyscrapers and run governments. That's life.

My main reason for supporting Trump (aside from the fact that he is a pragmatic businessman) was/is to watch heads explode. So far, that dream has been realized in spades as masks have been ripped off right and left (so to speak).

Trump is the closest thing to a bloodless revolution we have.

But, if Clintoon wins, the reaction on the right will be intense, visceral, and radical. We who backed Trump will be left at the mercy of the D.C. power brokers (Dems and our GOPe betters), the liberal (and psuedo-conservsative) media, the "I told you so's", and the mindless "Gimme Dats" and goat-humping Islamic refugees.

It will not be a pretty situation.

Either way, with Trump or Clintoon, we face a struggle to right the ship. The effort just foments more quickly with one versus the other.

That said, there is a calculus that works in our favor: as the Dems and leftists have demonstrated, a small, motivated, vocal, disobedient minority can drive the bus pretty easily if they are determined enough. Not nearly as distasteful as emulating them is the calculus of the III%. (This is the concept, not specifically the militias formed under the aegis of this principle.)

Take heart, for we grey beards will not be in this struggle for our betterment but for the betterment of the younger of us and our children and grandchildren.

Remember, it was six whole years between 1783 and 1789.

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