August 17, 2016

To your health, Hillary..

In a previous post, I did a rant on the morning and evening drive-time dullards that inhabit SoCal AM radio. (WARNING: NSFW!) These range from Mark Levin to locals like Doug McIntyre, of whom I wrote: can flush Doug McIntyre on KABC 790 down the crapper almost immediately. He comes off as a too-hip guy from the East who made his bones on a stand-in gig during the Bush-Gore 30-day war back in November 2000 when he took George Bush's side and adroitly dissected the crap the left and the Dems were attempting to pull off. Ratings went through the roof and he got an overnight slot doing what he called "Red Eye Radio". (I am not going to explain it; you look it up.) Well, he was promoted to the morning drive slot, demoted, and then promoted again, currently being in that role today..

But he is apparently turned off by Trump and his antics and is prepared to vote third-party or for his wife's Chihuahua or something. You know the type: smug, principled, just a hair's breadth away from Big-L Libertarian and pandering to our Dem and liberal betters out here in Kalifornia. He does not realize that we are sinking in a river of sewage and, although his favorite crusade is illegal immigration, he apparently cannot make the connection between Trump's metaphoric wall, the fate of the common American citizen, and the perils of allowing that bubble-[butted] lying, [female dog of a person] in the $13,000 house coat a shot at the presidency.

He gets about a minute or two of my time; the scan button gets hit as soon as he begins one of those smug trump-is-a-buffoon routines. We are currently taking up a collection for McIntyre to have a plate glass window installed near his belly button so he can see the world because is seems his head is perpetually shoved up his own [anal pore] and all that.
Well, it seems that this smug, principled, insufferable guy invited Dr Drew Pinsky on his show this morning to discuss Hillary Clinton's health, and, expecting it to be a walk-over, got hit in the groin with a couple of surprises. Here's the link to the underlying INFO WARS piece and while Alex Jones is not exactly a towering landmark of objectivity, he does report what the MSM does not care to touch and the facts herein are certainly less impeachable that the bogus medical records I graced this site with last time.

And, here's the first few graphs of article:

..and, not to be flippant, there's some red meat in the interview below. More than the cackling, rubbing-our-hands-with-glee, schadenfreude we on the right might feel for discovering information that damages an opponent, Dr Pinsky (arguably a reliable, credible source) lays out some profoundly troubling conclusions of analysis he and a colleague arrived at from Clintoon's medical record already available.

To be perfectly honest, if this came to the surface about a candidate I was backing, I would be seriously concerned about that person being able to hold down the office of President of the United States.

This is definitely worth an in-depth perusal, if only to imagine McIntyre gagging on his oatmeal and raisins.

UPDATE: One comment on the INFO WARS article summed it up. Paraphrasing:

"..if this is a s serious as it appears, if Hillary gets elected it looks like she'll be as much of a shovel-ready job as Ted Kennedy was."

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