November 21, 2009

Steaming Load of the Week: "Here it is Saturday night..

..and I ain't got nobody.."

Color me pissed!

Don't really have anything important or earth-shaking to say; I just marvel how our elected congress can ignore the will of the people so thoroughly and crawl inexorably towards usurping 1/6th of this economy to sate their own lust for power.

At every turn, the evil botoxed witch crone finagled, cajoled, and twisted circumstances to squeeze out just enough votes in the House to get her 1,990-page unconstitutional abortion passed during the dark oscurity of a Saturday night.

And, similarly, the old crone from Nevada has done the same -- or at least managed to enable the start of a debate -- on a similar usurpation and vulgar insinuation into the most private part of our lives. And he as done it has done it on a Saturday night as well.

The most insulting aspect of this is how we can't get these assholes to put in a 40-hour week and yet they are paid like princes and princesses and given astounding privileges. The only time they work overtime is when it serves their interests. Doubt me? Just ask Mary Landriue of Louisiana who made off with 100 million bucks for her start for her vote tonight.

Oh sure, she says she won't vote on the final bill if it has a public option, but I'm thinking that Reid will come up with another 100 million for that whore to spread her legs again.

And Lincoln of Arkansas? She's got her sequined knee-pads on and is servicing Reid as we speak.

(I am sorry if the above is offensive but, hey, you want tempered language, go somewhere else. It is far less obscene that what was done to you a few Saturday nights ago and tonight.)

All this started in early August when thousands -- no, millions -- of concerned citizens expressed their worry, anger, resentment, and despair over the potential of what that imbecile buffoon-in-chief, the botox beyotch, and Dingy Harry were beginning to forge. We smugly thought, despite the incredible show of arrogance by our elected representatives at the town hall meetings, that the great health care robbery would not eventuate. It seemed abundantly clear to us that these jerks and jerkettes would not dare to go against such massive demonstrations as those that manifested themselves in D.C. and across the land on September 12th or the ad hoc gathering called for by Michele Bachmann a few weeks ago.

Boy are we dopes!

We got had by these folks like hicks at a carny sideshow.

So, folks, how's it feel bending over and grabbing your ankles?

Frankly, I am not into saying things like, "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

About the only hope I can hold out for is that it will be our turn next year and, if we let them get away with this, we have only ourselves to blame. I will have my sights set on getting rid of Reid and am already backing Danny Tarkanian to send that old bum packing back to Nevada. I don't think we can get rid of Pelousy but maybe we can make her serve out the rest of her congressional term(s) in some menopausal powerless vacuum, a discarded, marginalized, and ignored waste of sagging skin.

Obama? His turn comes in 2012.

UPDATE: Cliff over at ABC updates us on what a Mary Landrieu trick is going for these days. Three hunnert mill is a lot even for a high price hooker. Seems like, despite the millions of federal bailout money heading to Louisiana, they still haven't cleaned all of the garbage out of that state. This broad and that GOP turncoat piece of crap, Anh Cao, still persist.

There's an old joke about texas that needs to be updated: How do you find Louisana? Go East until you smell it and then South until you step in it.


  1. Finally these guys are showing everyone just who they are, nothing but a bunch of maniacal power hungry dictators who don't give a crap about the good of their constituents.

    They are going to take a beating in 2010, but unfortunately when 'the good guys' get back into the majority, they are unlikely to roll back any of the state's power that was grabbed by their predecessors and handed over to them on a silver platter.

    FYI: 'Thank you sir, may I have another.' That line from National Lampoon's 'Animal House' was delivered in 1978 during the filming of this great cult flick in Eugene, Oregon, my own back yard and home to the mighty, Fighting Ducks of the University of Oregon, who, with a win on Dec 3rd against my other alma mater, Oregon State University, head to the Rose Bowl. Woo hoo.

  2. Fredd,

    Sadly, I think you are right. (Well, not sadly because you are right, but because..oh, hell, you know what I mean!)

    Hey! Don't look now, but the Civil War will be for a trip to Pasadena on 1 January. Cal beat the typically-schizophrenic Stanford and the Beaves and the Dux are at the top of the heap. It will be a great game to watch; my only wish is that Oregon revert to more contemporary, traditional football uniforms some day. They are the Michelle Obama of NCAA football: certifiable fashion disasters.

    Folks down here are rattling on about how UCLA is resurgent and The Soiled Condoms have taken the pipe. Being an avowed cynic, I hasten to point out that the Bruins managed their last three wins at the expense of the bottom three PAC-10 teams. I have, of course, no love for USC, but do not anticipate that we will catch them sleeping next Saturday evening.

    Animal House is one of my favorites with so many characters being reminiscent of my fraternity brothers at UCLA. We even had a brother -- Eugene De Goes -- who was our D-Day. He rode a huge motorcycle and, upon graduation, went MIA. That is, whereabouts unknown.

    I think he just did not want to get calls from the other brothers who became insurance salesmen.


    ~Войска ПВО

  3. Oregon football uniforms: Phil Knight (CEO of Nike and proud Oregon alum) has given the team a blank check on uniforms. And the Ducks have taken full advantage of it. If they wanted to take the field with rainbow uniforms, all they need do is tell Uncle Phil which vendor they want, and whammo - instant ugly uniforms paid in full by Uncle Phil on a moment notice.

    I wouldn't call them 'certifialbe fashion disasters,' but would rather think of the Ducks as 'good taste deniers.'

    Arguably UCLA doesn't have the horsepower this year to challenge anybody except the Pac 10 door mat crowd, a situation that I have experienced for most of my adult life as a Duck alum, until the last decade or so. Hopefully you will get used to it as a Bruin alum.

    Trivia question: who is Gary Beban?

  4. Fredd,

    While I would not characterize my experience with my alma mater's athletic endeavors as long suffering, there are times (yea, even regimes) in our history where results were sub-par. Heck, in the most recent Karl Dorrell era, results were sometimes good, but the internals sucked to high heaven. We also had a similar situation pre-Howland with The Wethead.

    Truth be told, it is much more preferable to root for teams that over-achieve than those who play below their potential. I dislike USC for this reason. Petey seemed to drag in all of the SoCal prospects with he leftovers going to UCLA or Stanford and the rest of the PAC-10 had to content themselves with stitching together squads with the scraps and morsels.

    As a final non-sequitur, I used to absolutely hate Stanford Basketball because of the aforementioned Sunday afternoon basketball upsets and defeats they would hand UCLA. A couple of years ago, however, when they had the twins and were in contention with UCLA for the PAC-10 title, there were a couple of games where their personnel played with such gracious sportsmanship, they won me over.

    Dunno why I mentioned that, other than to say it is curious how oine develops an allegiance/appreciation for a team.

    Anyway, as I said, the Civil War will be a great game to watch.