November 22, 2009

Hitting on Michelle..

O.K., there's three Michelles out there and two of 'em are good people: Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann.

Just got a communique from agent Ruth that "etnics watchdog group" is going after Michelle Bachmann for her efforts to mount a highly successful ad hoc demonstration in Washington D.C.


ACORN commits voter fraud acts across this land and suborns the establishment of illegal-alien child prostitution in seven out of eight of its offices, and these clowns are looking into how Ms Bachmann used the internet to gin up a demonstration that shined the blowtorch of truth on the healthscare peoples' asses?

Give. Me. A. Break.

Better yet, don't give them a break. Flood the article with comments and seek out and destroy this crap were it exists..

..also, be ready to back her and others who are running in 2010 over cretins like Landrieu, Lincoln, and that idiot sell-out Anh Cao in Louisiana.


  1. Yes, there are Good Michelles and Evil Michelles. Congressman Michelle Bachman (R-Mn, no relationship to Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive) is knee deep in liberal slime in Minnesota, where Norm Coleman was screwed by ACORN, who stuffed the ballot boxes with phony Al Franken votes.

    Bachman has my support as well.