November 19, 2009

Pantload-in-Chief caught zipping up his fly..

My friend from high-school Tom, is a retired detective in Atlanta (I believe), and he sends me some interesting tid-bits from time to time. Here is something that I consider rather disquieting. The title of this post is the only reason for the stance of the Pantload-in-Chief, for all I can figure. Here's what Tom's e-mail had to say on the matter:
"Check out this latest picture from Veterans Day 11/11/09 at the Ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery. I don't know whether the National Anthem is being played, or the Flag is going by, or WHAT, but EVERYBODY in the picture is either saluting or has his hand over the HEART.

All except ONE.

Guess who."



  1. At least he's wearing his flag pin.

  2. Fredd,

    Just visited your profile (little late to the dance here) and saw that you are a Ducks fan. While I bear them no great love being a UCLA grad (and have had many a Saturday afternoon spoiled by tragic events at Mac Court), I am frothing with happiness over the Ducks and the Cardinal ripping the University of Soiled Condoms a new one these past weeks. I am hoping (vainly) that the Bruins will be able to make it a hat trick plus one next Saturday.

    ~Войска ПВО