November 24, 2009

POSOTUS tanking big-time..

As with the earlier post this week, I note that the Pantload-in-Chief  favorable ratings over at Rasmussen are slip-sliding away. Seems the Bowin' Mao-an has hit 45% on the Rasmussen Daily Tracking and his numbers are featured in this Hot Air post.

For the record, the Pac-Man Index is now -3%.

UPDATE: Here's some shocking news about our cratering President Training Pants:
"According to a recent Gallup poll, Barack Obama’s approval ratings have dropped 22 points among White voters from 61% in February ‘09 to 39% presently. OUCH, that’s is going to leave a mark. I am sure the cries of racism will start up once again. However, the fact remains, all are fleeing the SS Obama.

At this rate by the time 2010 midterms are here, major winds of change could be taking place and in 2012 if Obama does not rebound, he could be facing a Democrat Primary challenge.

During the 2008 Presidential election, Barack Obama garnered a considerable number of the “White” vote; however, The One has all but squandered any chance of every seeing those types of numbers in future elections for himself and his party. Just yesterday, it was reported that Republicans had a 7 point lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot over Democrats and an amazing 44% to 22% among unaffiliated likely voters.

However, the troubles for Obama’s poll numbers go far beyond just “white” voters. The Obamamessiah has seen pretty much every major demographic go negative, many in a big way. The only one Obama had a gain in was blacks, +1.

HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CLOWN ALREADY? The POSOTUS, FLOTUS, and the ORCA (Oprah Winfrey) will be invading our joyous jobless Yuletide Season with an ABC television special.

The way this clown is insinuating himself into our daily television fare (constant addresses, press conferences, roadblocked Sunday morning news shows, etc.) our lives are becoming more and more reminiscent of 1984, the movie.

Please. Just. Go. Away.

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