November 22, 2009

Potential infusion of intelligence at this site from Citizen 121701..

Mysterious commentary comes in on a clandestine frequency from Citizen 121701:
"We now live under a different set of rules in America...maybe we will all learn how to play some day. A well deserved purgative blog, [Войска ПВО]; my hat is off to you. And by the way, thank you very much for your service. I am, Citizen 121701."
This was made with respect to my previous puerile bleating about Saturday night. The signal fades in and out, but I will attempt to pull future communiques from Citizen 121701 out of the static and rebroadcast them here if he continues to operate underground and evade the Obama/State Media Thought Police.

And, no, I do no know the significance of the sobriquet.

Stay tuned!

dadadididit didididadah.

dit dit.

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