November 26, 2009

Free Fallin' on Thanksgiving..

This one goes out to the Pantload in the White House, boys and girls, in honor of his RAZ Daily Tracking twin -15s over the last ouple of days. Wonder what Black Friday holds in store?

(By the way, the girls at the pool party in the opening scenes: they wearing Petty-coats?)

UPDATE: After the RAZ DT waked from its turkey-and-stuffing slumber, (four days of torpor) it managed to find that the POSOTUS was at -14 percent. Not bad for a four-day holiday where this idiot did nothing.


  1. Free falling lower and lower and lower (I hope).

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. The voters are finally seeing how yucky Obama is.

  3. With no life here, ladies, I am waiting for today's (27 November) RAZ DT to get posted to see if the Pantload can pull down a tri-fecta of -15s. I'm thinking he won't, but, hey,we can dream can't we?

    Better yet, we should go out and do something about it. I'm heading over to SNA (John Wayne) Friday evening and give a hearty greeting to my fave botoxed POSSOH Pelousy.