November 12, 2009

Still Veteran's Day..

As far as I am concerned, when we have our brave men and women in harm's way, every day should be a day to pray for them and keep them in our thoughts.

In one of the most heartbreaking moments in a long while, the mother of Seargant Benjamin Sherman, recently fallen in Afghanistan, pleads to Obama:
"It's time we do something. This has gone on too long. They either need to come home or we need to end it,"
In the mean time, this vapid, empty suit -- who has had more than ample time to make a decision -- has dallied and dithered on this while supposedly waiting for the elections in Afghanistan to be help (two weeks ago) or because he has not formulated a policy (one was given to him by the Bush administration before he assumed office).

But he waltzes off to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympics, prepares to go again to pick up his questionable Nobel prize, and is now preparing to go to Asia for a summit. All of this punctuated by his scurrying all over New Jersey and Virginia to campaign for the failed Democrat gubernatorial there, hosting madcap galas and parties in the White House, and generally not paying attention to the job at hand that he was elected to do.

The sorriest sack of crap elected to POTUS evah!

UPDATE: The dithering continues. Is The POSOTUS throwing it all away and starting afresh?

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