November 7, 2009

So, what are you doing here..

..when you could be over on LCR's blog following the Healthscare goings on?

UPDATE: At 2015 PST (2315 EST), 220 nauseating a**holes voted to pass the Botox Beyotch's pile of crap Healthscare. They are there on the floor of the House applauding like loons over their triumph..

..including - as scuttlebutt would have it - one lone republican voting with the 220. Enjoy it while you can, cretins, you are toast next November. I am personally going to find out who the Republican is and make sure he is gone.

SON OF UPDATE: The lone Republican is Joseph Cao (as in Coward) who replaced William Jefferson in the Louisiana 2nd (New Orleans) and whose election was an upset of a heavily endorsed Democrat replacement for Jefferson. The Wiki on Cao says, among other things:
House GOP members were particularly vocal in their glee over Cao's defeat of the Democrat. Among many other statements, House minority leader John Boehner asserted Cao's win as "a symbol of our future" in a memorandum with The Future Is Cao as its subject line.
So, even though this clown is in a heavy Democrat district, he could be up there along with Suzzy-Fava-Beans in the pantheon of GOP heroes.

I am sure there's a lot of unpacking to do on this vote -- particularly Cao's - but for the moment let me giv a hearty shout-out to Chairman Mike Steele and John Boehner for keeping all of their troops in line.

..some future Mike.

RETURN  OF SON OF UPDATE: James Cao's office phone number is (202) 225-6636 and - as of 2035 PST his phone mail box is full. However, his office will be open 0900-1800 EST Monday through Friday. I counsel a telephonic visit (polite yet firm) advising him that there will be a massive backlash for his gratuitous support of this crap bill.

..elections and votes have consequences.


  1. Cao. His name will go down in history. :-(

  2. Dude you are awesome, I was just thinking of doing this, mind if I re-post this at LCR right now? I'm kind of burned out for new material, I'll give a nice link back....

  3. From a post on the Hot Air open thread:

    Cao said he’d give Obama an “A” on his first 100 days, voted to condemn Joe Wilson, and now was the only Repub to vote FOR the Dems’ Healthcare Bill.


    nickj116 on November 7, 2009 at 11:38 PM

  4. LCR,

    Be my guest. Mi casa es su casa.

    ~Войска ПВО

  5. LCR, Opie, et al,

    Don't let yourself get dragged down by the events tonight. The people are far too committed to let these clowns have their way for much longer. They will be cast out and truth and right will prevail.

    Sorry to get corny on youo, but you know what I mean. I think folks like you and LL and the others are going to have their day.


  6. Comon cons, Cao is a patriot. Think about it, we get health insurance and Palins death panels will save us billions. We don't need those old people anyhow :-) Gd, some out there really believe her.

  7. It's going to cost some serious pork to get the senates version of the bill passed. Spend away I say, as it's only pretty green paper, and we can always print more :-)

    You all see India bought something like 2.2 tons of gold the other day? I personally think gold is way prettier than that green paper.

  8. Ray, of your more tone-deaf comments to date.