November 23, 2009

OTF: POSOTUS now in new territory

Scott Rasmussen's daily tracking has Obama back at -13 in the "strongly" category. I observed in an earlier, not-so-scientific post that the Pantload-in-Chief was slipping out to the outer orbits like an errant electron.

At first he dwealt in the low-single-digit region then the high single-digit-region. Now his numbers are consistently -10 to -13 and cycle between those two limits consistently.

Take a look at that link (it's posted over on the left so you can come back and conveniently check up) and follow the plummeting numbers from the coronation through the current day.

I got my own index going usign Rasmussen's numbers: The Pac-Man index. Basically it is the difference between those who strongly disapprove the POSOTUS versus the total who support him. As of this writing, the number sits at -5 percent.

OTF? Obama Toilet Flush!


  1. Love the toilet vid, however it is missing a key ingredient. I'll leave it to your imagination as to what that would be!

  2. ..oh, LCR! I was just unwrapping my tuna sammich over here.

    But I would have experienced the same had I seen a clip of the POSOTUS bloviating.