November 4, 2009

Obligatory 2009 Elections Post-mortem

It was not a tri-fecta, but close enough for gummint work. I dunno about you folks, but I'll take it. Most directly, the smack-down of Obama's policies by the voters of Virginia was a resounding one. It was, in and of itself, a mini-tri-fecta in that the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General's offices went to the Republican candidates by an average margine of 58-42% and the races were over by the time one turned on the TV set. Oh, and Corzine got closed out early, considering a great many said this would go well into the next day and would be rife with scandal and union shenanigans.

So much for the POSOTUS's coat tails. They seem to have turned into -- as one Hot Air commenter stated -- dirty diapers.

But the pièce de résistance came in NY-23 where Hoffman lost to Owens by about 4,000 votes. Sure, it would have been nice to have him win, but it wasn't to be. However (and I hear the trolls out there, clearing their throats, readying themselves to speak) what Hoffman did in this race should strike a lot of fear in both Democrats' and GOP hearts. He literally exorcised the demon of that skank lib-in-Republican clothing from the race and served notice on the GOP and RNC that they had better toe the line if they want to win. Had those dolts gotten on board with Hoffman before, she would not have gotten the votes she did and he might have built up a solid ground game.

Well, so NY-23 went to Owens. It is said that he is pretty much a blue dog -- even to the point that he was to the right of Scuzzy-Fava. Also, he's only going to keep that seat warm for about a year. So, how effective do you think he will be with the GOP and Hoffman setting their sights on him again? I mean, if the folks in NY-23 don't want Healthscare, cap-and-trade, and the other thousand-points-of-crap on the Panload-in-Chief's political agenda, do you think he's going to put his seat on the line? Hell, it would be like the rookie that gets called up in September with his one shot in the majors and 30 days to make good. He ain't gonna make his bones unless he listens to his constituency.

I'm thinking vice grips, privates, short hairs, and stuff like that.

Naw, they guy's neutered. Also, speaking of being "Newtered", this is a wonderful smackdown of idiots like Gingrich and big tent GOP types who think it's o.k. to push squishy candidates. He stumbled big time on this.

So there's a lot to take from last night's results. Right now, sit back and relax and derive some schadenfreude from all of the Dem's mad spinning. Listen to them sing to themselves in that delightful echo chamber. Delusion is a marvelous thing. But all the while you sit their listening, still keep sharpening the long knives, molding the musket balls, and loading the powder horns, remember, our day is yet to come. Next year and then two years after that we will be summoned to meet out on the common and wait..

..for the Red Coats.

UPDATE: You think the Florida voters had it tough in 2000? Check out the NY-23 ballot. Apparently, there is an idiosyncrasy about people being affiliated with multiple parties that allows them to be listed more than once. All I know is if I'm going into the booth early one nippy November morning after having just waked up or I am waiting in line taken a few jolts to chase away the evening chill in Upper New York, I might miss my mark and select either Owens or Scuzzy-Fava-Beans. Hat tip to a Hot Air poster:
They won NY-23 by treachery. They’ll lose it in 2010. Tricks don’t last. The liberals assume all America is stupid. How the ballot appeared to the voters in NY-23, because Owens represented two parties, and dropped-out Dede too – confusing to say the least:

1. Democratic – William L. Owens
2. Republican – Dede Scozzafava
3. Independence – Dede Scozzafava
4. Conservative – Douglas L. Hoffman
5. Working Families – William L. Owens

Schadenfreude on November 4, 2009 at 5:02 PM
Oh well, enjoy it while you can, because the guy you got elected, Owens, has pledged to his constituents to oppose the public option and will be facing them early next year.

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