November 7, 2009


There is a quote, famously but falsely attributed to the late Pauline Kael on the subject of Richard Nixon's landslide 1972 presidential victory, "How can that be? No one I know voted for Nixon!"

And, although not true, it is a sterling example of the liberal echo chamber. Part of this is the MSM, whom I also refer to as The Knee-pad MediaTM, so busy in its mission to install their pathetic man-child, idol into the office of POTUS, that they ignore reality, the daily events of a crumbling government, economy, and country.

Well, there seem to be cracks forming in the walls of this echo chamber as the members of the Obama Cheering Squad run out of substantive material for their daily paeans. The latest is an op-ed article in the NYT no less, taking the POSOTUS to task for not keeping the eye on the ball as unemployment soars into the double digits and the reality of lost jobs overtakes and passes the appalling attempt at the "saved or created" fiction that the White House spins out regularly.

A hat-tip (as usual) to Hot Air for picking up the recent piece by Charles Blow on the Times editorial page:
Job creation has dropped from top priority to one of many, and President Obama has been remanded to pandering for patience and offering excuses. On the one hand, he argues the tortured rationale that there is good news in the awful numbers: Things are still getting worse but at a slower pace. On the other, he incessantly reminds us that he inherited the crisis. The implication: Don’t blame me, blame Bush.

But this president can’t keep deflecting to the last one. Pain is presently felt. The crisis that took form on Bush’s watch is being experienced on Obama’s. Fair or not, finger-pointing is not effective policy...

But the real story is not that Mr Blow has the temerity to write such offal, or that the NYT would print this sacrilege, but the reaction of the readers - evidenced by their comments - shows that, while there are fissures appearing, the attitude of the typical Times op-ed respondent will, surely in the short term, keep these from turning into yawning crevasses, capable of swallowing this incompetent and his coterie of bumbling stooges.

Some samples, starting with a dewy-eyed Dem longing for the good old New Deal days:
After decades of shippping our jobs overseas I don't see a way the President can create jobs unless he does an FDR style program. I just watched a documentary on the CCC and was very impressed. Not only did they build buildings, clear trails and plant millions of trees but they learned the pride of doing a good job plus a place to live and food.

Portland, Or

Hrumph! figures! How about another booster, missing the point:
Well stated. I hope President Obama can get enough headway on this, and on the health care package, to build upon. He cannot do it by himself, but he could work this along with reforms (such as the Bernie Sanders "break up the too big to fail bank plan") and maybe infrastructure works such as a new CCC to get more jobs on the way. He has to ignore a bit of the "deficit is too high" hawks en route, but he has to do something besides campaign.

B. Starks
Austin, TX

Or this person who lays the blame not on Obama but the guys he's hired:
And let's F-A-C-E it!!! President Obama must get rid of the Wall Street hacks in his Administration--NOW!!!! Tim Geither, Larry Summers and their little buddies have got to get themselves gone--by Obama's telling them "bye-bye!" And THEN....he needs to appoint some grown ups, who have ties to the real world--not to Wall Street! I do not need to name the names: we all know who these eminently qualified people are! Two Nobel laureates in economics and Jamie Galbraith for openers!

Kate Madison
Depoe Bay, Oregon

Must be something in the water up there in Oregon. Doesn't occur to her that perhaps the guy who hired these dummies is the source of the flawed policies?

Anyway, you run down those comments and compare them to the stinging rebukes one finds in the Hot Air posts or the come-backs to a Victor Davis Hanson essay in Pajamas Media. There is no fire, no anger, no outrage over the clueless soul at the root of our country's troubles. They all still think he is a victim of the circumstances he's created. The scales, ladies and gentlemen, have not fallen away from their eyes.

I guess in their little safe rooms across this land, they just don't know anyone who voted for John McCain or -- gasp -- Sarah Palin.

They are, I surmise, clones of the clueless Pauline Kael.

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