November 26, 2009

"Beyond a disaster.."

Arising early this Thanksgiving morning, I had occasion to check my e-mail and make the rounds when I found my good friend, Cj, over at The Illustrated Conservative came up with a tidbit on Michael Moriarity who gave this assessment of the Obama presidency:
Beyond a disaster!! In light of what Obama swore to at the inauguration – “to uphold the Constitution of the United States” – it’s a grotesque charade, a lie, a black comedy of immensely ominous implications for individual freedom in the world. Obviously Obama will be obliged to claim that at the inauguration the Chief Justice was putting words in his mouth! He never had any real obligation to uphold the silly principles contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! All the President’s so-called plans and achievements are as forbidding as Chamberlain’s concessions at Munich. But, as we “Drunks” say, “Let go, let God!”
Intrigued, I did some digging and found out that Mr Moriarity is much more of a rock-ribbed conservastive than one would think. He did a fine interview with Alicia Colon over at Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood that closes with this staement:
Alicia Colon: What do you think of Glenn Beck? Have you seen RedEye? What do you think of the grassroots tea parties?

Michael Moriarity: Glenn Beck? A Godsend to America!! The Tea Parties? Long overdue! Red Eye? Very New York! Very Manhattan “Chic”! Very welcome because of its point of view: looking down on those East Coast Progressives who look down on us!!
It is refreshing to hear his words not because I agree with them (and therefore it makes them correct) but because it's nice to hear someone who made his bones in Hollywood express views not constricted by the liberal conformity of the film industry. Why, it makes shows and movies almost watchable again.

Cj also points out that Victoria Jackson - of SNL fame - is a pretty principled conservative as well. Links to several articles, interviews, and pieces can be found on her web site where she holds forth on her political beliefs and her strong Christianity. Both the Breitbart interview of Mr Moriarity and Ms Jackson's articles are worth a visit.

In light of all this and as this stumbling, staggering presidency continues, one wonders if there will be more "conversions" bred by disillusionment. Angelina Jolie who contemplated sipping the Kool-Aid back in October 2008 but since has reportedly come to the conclusion over the course of a year's time that the POSOTUS is "all smoke and mirrors". One speculates if she has been listening to her dad, Jon Voight or it could be just a rumor or mis-reported gossip, but in trendy Hollywood could it become hip to be square?

Perhaps if the box office of the stars who claim to be conservative go through the roof, I'm thinking.

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  1. It is refreshing when a celebrity actually admits they're conservative. Many have feared black-balling if they showed any right leaning whatsoever, so they stay in the "closet".
    Thanks for posting.