November 25, 2009

November 2010: Hammer of Thor

Every once in a while, one runs across a comment made to an article that hits the mark. The following appeared as a response to an essay on analyzing and discussing the potential for the Democrats to lose seats in the upcoming midterms owing to the sorry state of our economy.

Do ya think?

To be fair, it was an objective analysis factoring in historical events and data to make its point and it was more or less a rebuttal of an article which held that unemployment might not be as big a factors as one is led to believe. But the response below cuts through the analysis and postulations and presents, I believe, an ominous preview of the fate that will descend on politicians in general and liberal, socialistic, unheeding democrats in particular when we finally get access to the voting booths a year from now:
Posted by: No One Important
Nov 25, 07:14 AM

While there is scant data, what data there is clearly shows "it's the economy, stupid."

1 in 5 Americans is now unemployed or under employed.

1 in 7 Americans is now struggling to BUY FOOD. To buy FOOD!

We have VERY little data which correlates to this type of hardship.

And the velocity of news is much faster now. People can obtain news at the speed of light now, and they're no longer stuck with whatever spoon fed media story that is shoved at them.

The diversity now, of both news, and voters, indicates a rising anger in the nation.

We have unprecedented spending on Washington "porky pig" projects, while a nation is burning to the ground economically.

A POTUS who spent a year wasting time barnstorming a nation telling them HC reform was the answer. The nation doesn't believe him, they never did. They wanted to give a new POTUS a chance.

But they watched him blow 3/4s of a trillion dollars on nothing more than bogus public sector garbage, while never even SPEAKING about slashing spending and slashing taxes, in a 71% CONSUMER DRIVEN economy.

Keynesian economics was never going to work in a 71% consumer driven economy. The average voter may not know the theory specifically, but they know it in their gut. They've ALWAYS said it was more important to CUT TAXES AND SPENDING than to increase government bloat.

Even KRUGMAN is advocating tax cuts now!

We have a POTUS who has wasted a year on HC reform, talking about climate change, which the data has now been proven to be bogus.

A congress that takes automatic 4,900 raises, orders goodies for themselves, ups their bugets by 6%, orders planes, rides around in limos. . .ALL ON OUR DIME.

A POTUS hosting Hollywood cocktail parties, having music parties for his kids, NY date nite, golfing non stop, fund raising. . .thinking the terrorists should have civilian trials. . . .

While we're out here STRUGGLING TO FEED OUR CHILDREN. . .

What does the POTUS do? He calls for a worthless JOBS SUMMIT to TALK about how we're on the edge of destitution. Where's the call for action? Where's the demand that the houses drop everything?

Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

No demand for immediate action. Nothing. Actions speak louder than words. And Obama is sending a huge message.

An effete latte sippin' liberal big government sycophant out of touch with the nation. (Camille Paglia's description of her Democrat party).

The nation is rendering an opinion on Obama and the Democrats. And it isn't good.

Obama is worse than Carter ever was. The "Carter Syndrome" is setting in. Obama is petrified of it, and he should be.

Look, no one would begrudge the wealthy private sector. But when the private sector has taken OUR money, and lives obscenely, there is a problem. When those in the PUBLIC sector, live obscenely on OUR dime, you DEFINATELY have a problem. . . .

The nation is turning into a powder keg. When you have regular Americans struggling to buy food, STRUGGLING TO BUY FOOD, while the "governing" people live like kings and queens, ON OUR DIME. . .

You have an incendiary situation. An intolerable and unsustainable situation.

They want to whine about the "pitchfork and torch" crowd? Then they should stop acting like ensconced royalty on our dime.

Because the nation will not tolerate this from the Democrats, and Washington.

Not for long.


  1. I'm loving this post. So rich with true and pithy statements. I will admit that I spent the last ten minutes tweeting a bunch of these sentences out over Twitter. Wonderful technology. Thanks for the content!

  2. You are sweet, madame. But, let's be clear. (Ugh! I hate that phrase!) The piece was a comment from an RCP article. I did NOT write it.

    ..but I felt it!


  3. Yes, but you brought it to me. Thanks. And have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Dear lady,

    ..and you as well. By the way, I finally got my copy of Culture of Corruption - I had ordered it with Sarah Palin's bok - and am about midway through it along with Going Rogue and think hey're both marvelous.

    As Michelle Malkin stated, it's better than a book; it's a reference manual on the tide of slime that swept this crook POSOTUS into office.

    Best wishes and hope to visit with you and LL soon; perhaps we could get together with LCR as well.

    ~Войска ПВО

  5. As a huge supporter of Thor and his conservative policies, I eagerly look forward to some serious hammer whoopin's next November. Let the political gutters run blue with their shame.

  6. Cj,

    I second the emotion. Kinda hopin' that Thor would run for a Senate seat out here in my blue heaven. Would love to lose Boxer.

    ..instead all we get here are the Loki types.

    (As an editorial note, I could not find a good picture of Thor nor his hammer, so I ran a variant of Frizetta's "Death Dealer".)