October 30, 2010

We enter the lists in three days..

Huffington Post had this to say about Krista Branch:

Krista Branch believes that she is America.

The Oklahoma mother of three and seventh season American Idol reject released a new single last month (for sale on iTunes), titled "I Am America." Branch's song is not related to the Stephen Colbert book by the same name, I Am America (And So Can You).

The single is a politically-charged ode to tea party values that strikes out at the movement's critics. Branch accuses them of looking down on a humble group of patriots

Kinda sounds like they don't like her. That's plenty good enough reason for me to put her song up here. In truth, we all are America and we will let them know it in D.C. and California and all over this land come NOvember 2nd.

I have been volunteering -- phone-banking my a** off -- these past few days. I did a hat trick on Thursday: saw Carly in Laguna Woods, phone banked for her, phone banked for Van Tran (LCR's cause de celebre and worthy opponent of the Latina Sex Poodle in CA-47), and finished up at Starr Parker's HQ in CA-37.

I am going to do more after my USAF Auxiliary radio class today..and probably do this until the evening of election day.

Like Jim Valvano said, "Don't give up..don't ever give up!"

So what're you doing here reading this post? Get out there and work for your candidate(s).


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  1. Why, yes...Krista Branch does rock. The AI judges must have been high to give her the boot.

    I can't wait until she does a whole album!