October 4, 2010

Call for assistance..

Over at the Obama Fail blog, they need suggestions to augment their periodic Failure Watch:
Time for another edition of Obama Failure Watch, where we look at emerging evidence that proves President Obama is a miserable failure. These links come from the left, the right and overseas. Be prepared to laugh, cry and worry for the future of America.

..anything that comes to mind would be welcome. Remember, we're documenting this for posterity so that when we're all ancient, sclerotic droolers gumming our Zwieback in our nursing homes our kids will have some idea how really bad these four years really were.



  1. ..anything you got would be good. This guy does a great job of chronicling the day-to-day affronts of this regime and we need to keep feeding him "attaboys" so we can look back over these past four years.

    Seriously, send him something or comment on his efforts, Chris!