October 16, 2010

Are you a "Lucky Bastard"?

Don't you wish you could be?

Odie over at Woodsterman has another of his incredibly witty and funny series -- this time on the hallowed subject of the noble art of fishing. Take the test and see if you are man enough to handle your rod and reel.

(Oh, I didn't say that, did I? I'll probably become the first blogger in history to ban himself from his own blog.)



  1. I detect some rule 5-ness going on here.

  2. I detect rule 5-ness going on here too. A very nice looking man indeed.

  3. OPIE and SUPI, you think? It's about fishing and nothing more you two with suspicious minds. Thanks for the link TWP.

  4. ..perhaps; but typical of me: contact high (courtesy of Odie) and a day late and a dollar short. Shoulda done this on Friday?