October 6, 2010

Einsein was a genius..

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
~Albert Einstein, (attributed)

Babs, Giving California the (Wrong) Finger
Let's prove his hypothesis, shall we?

I contend that [a majority of] California voters are insane. As an offer of proof, I submit the repeated re-election of the crop of Democrat politicians (with the help of a neutered and impotent California GOP) who have driven this state over the cliff , perpetuating perpetuate themselves in office with the help of their public-service, teachers', and labor union buddies.

Want further proof? How about Barbara Boxer? They have repeatedly restored this woman to power since 1982 when she was elected to the House of Representatives. The zone-oids who propelled her to DC did it again when she was elected to the Senate ten years later to Alan "The Cadaver" Cranston's seat in 1992. She has pulled a hat-trick to stay there 18 years and has partied with the group that has dragged this state down over that time.

Supposedly one of the two wunderkind-ettes elected that to the California senate seats she has been a virtual cypher in the Senate, emerging only to scold a general for not addressing her as 'Senator' and trying to patronize Harry Alford, the president and CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce. Both of these videos can be found all over the web but the chastisement by Alford is particularly instructive because it shows the other side of this woman's elitist condescension. Notice how she rambles on and on and on, not listening to Alford.

I got a hot flash for all of you out there who are leaners: if she doesn't listen to the wishes and statements a CEO then she sure as hell does not care what's on all of your minds. Do ya follow?

..yet the California voters repeatedly re-elect this arrogant, elitist woman to her post.

Idiocy? Works for me!


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