October 8, 2010

Waste no rant..

Reuters redacted the "Unexpected" adverb in their article on the new unemployment figures. This *really* shows how sensitive even Reuters is about the conservative blog observations that they would redact the "U" word. I commented on this (as if you care) to the effect that the times they are a-changin':

CONTINUING RANT: The tenor is changing; one only wonders what the knee-pad media will have to say about The Child Emperor when they discover he has rendered the Democrat party beaten and bloody in only two years?

Methinks there will be articles/series on how this is a failed presidency and how he has destroyed the chances of future black liberal candidates for years -- if not a generation -- to come.

Too freaking bad. May this remorselessly pathetic steaming puss-bag of camel offal be thrown on the scrapheap of history in 2012 along with his Dem cronies from this election.

..now if we could only run someone in SF to unseat Pelosi in 2012, that'd be great. Or, maybe it's just as well to have her relegated to ordinary house member and back into the economy airliner seat (from her palatial SOH jet) and watch her face explode from Botox injections the first time the cabin depressurizes in a downdraft.


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  1. Red Nancy just commented yesterday that the way to create jobs is to get people signed up for food stamps, and unemployment.

    That's the way Nancy thinks jobs are created.

    Man, oh man. I can't wait for November 2nd, but that lame duck session is going to be hell on earth. It will be much like Saddam's army retreating from Kuwait, setting the country on fire.