October 4, 2010

Call for assistance II..

my plea for Carly..getting posted on Hot Air and other blogs:

As much as it pains me to say it, I’m very concerned that Boxer is not in trouble this year. I think the only thing I’ve seen from Fiorina’s campaign has been the Senator Ma’am clip. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has an anti-Boxer ad out, which helps somewhat, but I’m afraid that Boxer is out-campaigning Fiorina, at least in the L.A. market.

I really hope Fiorina steps up the campaign this month, otherwise I’m afraid Boxer will be reelected.
malclave on October 4, 2010 at 3:10 PM

..I am volunteering a lot for Carly's campaign and we are working at an 8-to-1 cash disadvantage out here. We could sure use some financial assistance if you can see your way clear to donate. ANEEE-THING WILL DO! If you are a (legal) Californian, please consider volunteering for the campaign. We can use your help phone banking, walking precincts, of just plain showing up and the headquarters and offering to stuff envelopes.

..we are a lot closer than even the polls suggest and, let's face it, if Boxer isn't dumped this year, you're all stuck with this sclerotic, arrogant, elitist, liberal puss-bag for the next six years!

Thanks for your help!

I'll be back, but you really want to take this opportunity to dump Box-o-Rocks Senator Ma'am this NOvember. Please do all you can on your blogs and amongst your friends to stuff Boxer. She needs to be sidelined back to Marin County in the worst way.



  1. I'm with you TWP. I've donated and I'm volunteering. Now Boxer is in LA playing to the "takers".

  2. The OC office managed to get a lot of demonstrators out to the Biden and Boxer get-togethers. They even managed to get an "operative" inside the Boxer $32K luncheon who said she did nothing but bag on Carly as serving the interests of Big Oil.

    ..what a laugh! If we were doing that, we'd be rolling in dough.

    She and her people are bereft of message and method. She needs to be cut from the herd and put out to pasture.

    Stake her out near the salt lick and let her chew her cud..