October 11, 2010

This NOvember, we're coming for you..

I was -- by accident of birth -- a child of the sixties and, although my road led to service of my country and decidedly away from those who clamored for peace ~~ without realizing the price that must be paid for it. Nonetheless, I always appreciated the energy, spirit, fervor, and energy of those who chanted, protested, and sang for peace. (It is, after all, what even we who served our country seek.)

Their voices were impassioned; their desires pure -- for a time.

So now are the voices of us on the right who cry out for fairness, justice, and a square deal for the common man. Our voices rise in protest and -- some beautifully -- rise in song.

I have been smitten by the pure and sweet simplicity of Megan Fox's wonderful song that she posted on You Tube. I stumbled on this earlier and posted her video here. Megan's song haunts me; it is so reminiscent of those ballads of the sixties. It is rough-hewn and heart felt. It at once raises my spirit and makes me melancholy for what should be and is trod upon by an administration who is so consumed by power, they seek to stifle expression.


Herewith are the words and a reprise of the video.

You wanted a change
  You wanted to rearrange
This land of ours that we share
  You said. "Yes, we can; he's our chosen man"

The One with the dream and the plan
  We don't care, we don't know his grades or his transcripts
He's really too cool; went to an Ivy League school;
  He'll get us out of Iraq..
Don't forget he's black, he's exactly what we all need.
  The lame will walk, the oceans recede, your gas tank won't empty,
Your poor will not need, the media love him, they'll give him the push
  And most importantly.. ..he ain't Bush.
We're sure it's the change we wanted.

It's one year later, you look like a jerk,
  15 million folks out of work.
Lots of gas tanks are empty and homes are lost
  And all you can talk about is farcical Frost.
But his poodle's real neat, his pecs are the best,
  He's surfin' and swimmin', gettin' lots of rest..
While the rest of the country is stuck in a mess.
  Was this the change you wanted?

Now Congress is flyin' to expensive locations
  And the middle class is payin' for Nancy's vacations.
Writin' 1,000-page bills that no one can read
  Includin' jail time for us if we refuse to concede.

They're cheatin' and bribin' and stealin' and lyin'
  Not takin' our phone calls or readin' our writin'
Kicked us out of our townhalls, mad fun of our Polos.
  Sent union thugs down to beat up the old folks.
They say that we're fakin'; we're all trouble makin'.
  They tried to to bring us down; but don't forget..
..Scotty Brown.

So, we're marchin' and yellin'
  and we ain't buyin' What they're sellin'.
We're two million strong, stretched like the sea,
  Free Americans makin' history.
Despite the lack of coverage on NBC..

So, if you're willing to hear what I say,
  The only remedy is not far away.
Grab your pitchfork, light that torch.
  Hang that sign in your front porch.

Harry, Nancy, Chucky Schumer, Spector,
  Boxer, RINOs too
This NOvember, we're comin' for you..

Ooooh, November, Ooooh, November, Ooooh, November..

..We're coming for you..

(c) 2010, Megan Fox


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  1. She does a great job! It does remind me of the sixties protest songs as well, nice to see the shoe on the other foot.