October 19, 2010

Again I'll say it: Something's afoot..

This from Allahpundit over at Hot Air: Barney Frank had to lend his campaign $200 large:

As much as I like Bielat, not until this very moment did I think this seat might really be in play.

Frank isn’t a tremendously wealthy guy. What on earth are his internal polls showing him to make him cough up 200 grand?

Again, add to that the fact that Obama and Biden have been to Delaware more times than Obama's been golfing Bidem and Obama will all but have top pay income taxes in Ohio because of his frequent visits. What's the deal with Delaware? I thought Coons had the happless O'Donnell beat like a rented mule.

SIDEBAR RANT: Are you getting as sick and tired of hearing about Christine O'Donnell's gutsy fight in the Delaware on FNC or elsewhere? O.K., I get it. The Republican voters in her state ousted a RINO and put her up for the job. Fine. I like her and all that but her whining about how she's not getting any support from the National GOP is getting a little edgy. I wish her well and, for goodness sakes, hope to God she wins.

But one wonders how much good a little FNC air time on the California races of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina would benefit from the exposure. I mean, the only time we hear about them is when Meg's opponent gaffs it up or Boxer stumbles in a debate.

Believe me, turning out Boxer and putting a Republican in over that idiotic, has-been, gas-bag former governor would be a much bigger win -- and more beneficial come 2012.

But, then again, just like college hoops, no one on the East Coast gives a chicken-fried rat crap what goes on west of the Mississippi. And, if it ain't happenin' in the Big Apple, it ain't happenin.

Maybe that New Yorker cover was accurate.

..Eustice Tilly should go suck rocks!



  1. Good One Opie! The sleeping giant in fly over country is going to kick there asses!

  2. Lov this blog, and thank you for uour visit to mine. Be seeing you soon and often.

  3. Ma'am Zaza,

    My thanks for stopping by. You are in the august company of two great bloggers: Opie and Odie, a lady and a gentleman who, despite the dross posted here, have the consummate courtesy to pay me frequent visits.

    Glad to have bumped into you and will visit your place often. (And I promise to bring a bottle of wine and wipe my shoes before entering.)