October 1, 2010

All Red in the face..

Oh, puh-leeeez! Don't tell me that liberal sexagenarian bag of puss had the INS letter BLOWN UP (embiggened) for her media whoring press conference yesterday?

I mean, this beats the band, takes the cake, knocks it out of the park, rings it up, and says it all.

Remember Dandy Don Meridith when he and Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford were doing Monday Night Football? Yeah, I am that old. But, whenever the game got into the fourth quarter and the losing team was on life support, he'd break into this memorable melody.

(Don't adjust your sets..there is no video.)

Anyway, I would like to think that Dandy Don is humming that tune now every time he thinks of Allred's stunt.

But for those of us who still want to gnaw on the gristle of what promised to be a delicious cut of filet, there is THE definitive wrap on this matter over on Hot Air, by J. E. Dyer:

Gloria Allred has really picked the wrong fight this time. She’ll no doubt continue to strut and fret her dwindling hour upon the stage, but hardly anyone in the California news audience can be paying attention.

Apparently she thinks California voters are as easily swayed by incoherent, emotive hypocrisy as the politics and entertainment industries. As they say in my native Oklahoma: Bless her heart.

This matter turns on the twin assertions made by Allred during her interviews with Hewitt and Levin ~~ who also took her apart. She kept blubbering something about how this pathetic, downtrodden illegal (being paid $23 per hour and given free room and board at the Whitman-Marshall household) was being subjugated, oppressed and a whole host of other verbs liberals use to describe the supposed tyranny conservatives or the right perpetrate on los de abajo. And, at the same time, she says Whitman should have been more suspicious of this Hispanic woman and vetted her more carefully.

I wonder why she raised the latter point? I mean, isn't this what they Arizona SB 1027 flap was all about? Racial and ethnic profiling?

But J. E. takes her specious, schizophrenic arguments apart with a surgeon's precision:

If Allred wants to argue that we should allow more legal immigration, she should go for it. But she can’t have it both ways: if it was wrong for Whitman to have an illegal working for her, then it was right for Whitman to fire the illegal. How long Whitman knew the maid was illegal is either prosecutable or immaterial; California is not the place to parade it around, wholly without the accountability of an actual process of law, as a career-ending character flaw.

It's a delicious read about a matter that's sinking faster in the West than the December sun.

"..turn out the lights, the party's over, all good things must end some day.."

UPDATE: In case you didn't see it, Hannity interviewed Whitman in the aftermath of this crapfest (1 October 2010) and Meg knocked it out of the park. Only an opinion here, but she really made Allred look like a fool by pointing out the fact that the poor, set-upon latina maid was not only subject to prosecution and deportation but also would probably be thrown away like a used Kleenex when Brown and Allred had no need for her after NOvember 2nd.

..and Meg made a special effort to point out that this kerfuffle was precipitated about a week before Brown and Whitman's debate on Univision next week -- the same outlet who hosted the unfortunate Loretta Sanchez's "Asian Horde" announcement.

Whitman really put the finishing touches on this pathetic attempt by Brown and one of his henchpersons to play some dirty politics.

UPDATE II: It seems I turned off the telly too soon last night. Greta Van Sustern (whom I have absolutely fallen in love with for her reportage) delivered a beatdown to Allred on Fox that left her looking like a dessicated road pie we see getting smaller and smaller in our rear view mirror. This matter is over and I ain't gonna throw another vid in this post, BUT IT IS A MUST SEE POST BY ED MORRISEY'S OVER AT Hot Air.

..so it looks like a whiff and a K by Allred on three straight heaters -- Hewitt, Levin, and now Van Sustern. She should get sent down to class D ball by the end of next week.



  1. Univision been berry berry good to me.

  2. ..and jooo looook maaaah-vel-us!

  3. Loved your reference to the "embiggened" document. Dan Greaney really coined a winner with that one!

    I thought Hugh Hewitt's primary accomplishment was getting Gloria to admit that the last time she pulled this stunt (also in a Gubernatorial context) her client's case was thrown out of court by the judge, and they never filed an appeal.

    No wait . . . Hugh Hewitt's primary accomplishment was goading Gloria into slamming down the phone and terminating the interview because Hugh refused to allow her to filibuster.

    But I thought Greta really dusted Allread the best. She threw three quick heaters by Gloria and the woman never even got the bat off her shoulder!

    The entire rest of the interview was devoted to Allred grasping at straws, trying to somehow cobble together some pathetic and inconsequential explanations for her questionable behavior. What really must have personally stung was when Greta persuasively pointed out that the more plausible explanation for the "embiggened" document was that Whitman never knew about the letter, and that her husband likely did not grasp it's possible legal significance at the time.

    By that point, Gloria had a look on her face like Krusty the Clown at the Apollo, when he looked back and suddenly realized that his promo materials for the "Krusty Komedy Klassic" spelled out the three letters, KKK.


    Gloria Allred will never live this one down!

  4. Trochilus..

    ..I must be your evil twin separated at birth! I *love* your writing and thought patterns. I am headed out to a meeting tonight but when I get back I will post a message on your blog! I gotta get you to do more! You are FAB-U-LOUS!

    Thank you for stopping by!