October 15, 2010

A magnificent opportunity squandered..

It was to have been a perfect afternoon made even more perfect..

Photo courtesy http://www.leftcoastrebel.com/
..I work in Orange, California hard by  Children's Hospital of Orange County (a.k.a., CHOC) and close upon the Santa Ana Civic Center where one year and six months earlier to the day  I attended my very first Tea Party rebellion on 15 April 2010.

Well, today it seems that Slick Willie was coming to town to bail out the Playboy-Sex-Poodle, Loretta Sanchez. You know, the chubby little Latina who ousted an inattentive Bob Dornan from his CA-47 house seat some years ago and has been doing absolutely nothing since then except insinuating herself into the domicile of the King of Viagra, Hugh Hefner, throwing off her old hubby, and stalking the halls of Congress in 4-inch stiletto heels looking for lobbyists to bed.

(Actually, I don't know about the 4-inch stiletto heels part of the narrative; it seems so much more civilized -- and sexy -- than calling an adversary a whore, one supposes.)

Your tax dollars at work
Anyway, Slick was coming to town to co-appear at a rally in Santa Ana with Sanchez in the heart of the Hispanic part of her district to drum up support for her.

As yet another aside, I am guessing this speaks volumes about how desperate the Dems must feel that they would squander one of their major chess pieces in this critical mid-term on a lowly member of the house when other more important factotums are destined to fall under the hammer in NOvember. It is part of the delicious calculus that makes politics so exciting.

It seems that her adversary, Van Tran, the guy intent on taking his Tong clan over to the Santa Ana Barrio and wresting Loretta's seat from her as the result of some imagined race war, was going to sponsor a "bracketing" event and sent out a request for supporters to stand a quiet vigil and -- well, you know -- basically rain on Loretta's soiree with The Chief Cohibatator.

And I had it all lined up: I was going in to work at zero-dark-thirty, skulk out at 1500, dash over to Santa Ana, grab a Van Tran sign, and stand there leering at Loretta as she minced by in her 4-inch stiletto heels on the arm of W. J. Clinton.

So, as I was munching my tuna fish sammich and bolting a cola at lunch, an e-mail popped up from Tim, The Left Coast Rebel and facilitator of a recent Cardiff-by-the-Sea single malt extravaganza, saying he was coming up all the way from San Diego County to show solidarity for Van Tran as well.

Wowie-Zowie, boys and girls! This was gonna be some afternoon!

How many of you out there seen the movie Office Space? You know the part where the guy waits impatiently for his machine to shut down so he can escape before the boss nails him and asks him to come in to work on Saturday?

Yep, that was yours truly: just turned the box off and..

"..uh, yeah, well, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and start to do something for me before you head home. It shouldn't take you more 'n a few minutes.."

So, promptly one-and-one-half hours later, I finally went wheels up and jumped onto the cell to leave Tim a message hoping against hope.

No luck.

Long story short: a couple of traded e-mails and a phone message from Tim and we were like the two ships passing in the night. Presumably, Tim is on the 405 Southbound as I write this.

Bat shit!

So, Tim, if you're out there, put up a post and let us know how it went. As for Sanchez..

"..get back Loretta! Wearing your high-heeled shoes and your low-neck sweater."



  1. Those "it is only going to take a few minutes" are always euphemism for it will take a minimum of an hour. Sorry you missed seeing Tim and participating at the event.

  2. Oh poor baby ... you missed your secret rendezvous.

  3. ..yeah, poor me, guys!

    The added benefit from working at close quarters with my boss this Friday was that he gave me his cold. So now, I am just having a splendid weekend as you may imagine.

    Boo-hoo, poor guy! I can hear you now: "Man up and grow a pair, WP! Things could be worse. You could be a Dem incumbent who is 10 points down in the polls with TEH WON coming to campaign for you."