October 9, 2010

It was sad and sweet and I knew it complete..

..when I wore a a younger man's clothes.

Kevin Dujan over at HillBuzz discusses a phenomenon of new "folk songs" arising from the Tea Party/Middle America backlash to the Democrat obscenities being perpetrated on this country. His narrative says it all:

I was seriously not aware of this going on until Chrissy-the-Hyphenated posted an anti-Leftist song in an earlier thread, and it made me curious to checkout what else was out there on YouTube in this vein.

There is a lot of this stuff.

Just regular moms, in their homes, with their guitars, singing about the Resistance to what the Left is doing in this country.

A few weeks ago, I watched the movie “Taking Woodstock”, about what went into putting on the Woodstock music festival, where that generation protested against the Republicans and took up guitars to sing against the injustices they felt in Washington.

Does anyone else see this is now happening to Democrats and the Left?

There’s a clear spirit in the air unlike anything I have seen before…and people are starting to really tap into their creativity to give voice to the thoughts and feelings they are having…their fears…their frustration…their anguish.

This is powerful stuff.

I think it’s just the beginning, too.

If Democrats have lost folk music, they are possibly in more trouble than even I could have ever dreamed possible.
I agree with Kevin and think the song above (as well as the singer) to be sweet, simple, gentle and tart. It is pretty catchy and very singable.

I will post the lyrics one I have them transcribed and will be looking more and more into the genre.

Meanwhile, start humming and singing along!

UPDATE: Here's more..it's kinda good and kinda goes with a little bourbon and beer and good friends, doncha know.


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