October 18, 2010

Clueless old broad clanks up..

Carly Fiorina has closed the gap within one point of that dessicated old, puss-bag Senator Ma'am. Thanks to American Power, here is a clip of Boxer getting taken apart in a very friendly venue:

A Visibly Embarrassed Senator Boxer Has
Her Lies Repeatedly Called Out By CNN's Blitzer

She cannot even demonstrate a command of the facts in front of a bum-osculator. This woman is, without a doubt, losing it. Time to turn the old cow out to pasture.

Ma'am contemplates future
GRATUITOUS THOUGHT: Her constant referral to The Stimulus Package as "The Stim" just makes my skin crawl. I have to admit I am still suffering from the cold I had all weekend and am not in a very good mood. It's probably why I'd like to see Boxer water-bagged at a campaign stop some time.



  1. Considering the margin of error, it's possible that Fiorini is actually in front of that nasty old crone of a pussbag, Babs Boxer.

  2. ..prescient, O Great Mallard-worshiper! The thinking around town is that the Dems may lead slightly in the polls but it's awful hard to determine true "likely voters". Motivation will win the day and -- if you have been following some of the stories -- you will see that early voting is going heavily for white, conservative men and women. Two anecdotal examples are Nevade and North Carolina..

    ..again, that's Nevada!