November 1, 2010

Stay Classy, POOPTUS.. the hours and minutes wind down to what promises to be an apocalyptic midterm election for The Child-Emperor, he has been stumping out on the trail of tears for the Dead Dems Walking and staying classy.

Ed Morrissey, over and Hot Air in his Obamateurism-of-the-Day today, cited this wonderful little gaffe at a soiree held in honor of the POTUS:

Not sure whether we can chalk this up as a bait-and-switch or a dine-and-dash.  It would probably have to be the former, since Barack Obama didn’t bother to break bread with the people who shelled out $7500 each to have dinner with the President.  As Doug Powers notes at the Boss Emeritus’ joint, Obama didn’t even come up with a decent excuse for bailing early:

President Obama’s final stop was a $7,500-a-head fundraiser in the well-appointed home of Arnold “Buff” and Johnnie Chace on the East Side, not far from Brown University.

The president spoke for about 20 minutes, then left before the dinner of locally grown foods by celebrated Rhode Island chefs — including lobster risotto — that Mrs. Chace had planned.
Mr. Obama concluded his remarks at about 7:30, saying he couldn’t stay for dinner.

“I’ve got to go home to tuck in the girls and walk the dog and scoop the poop,” he said.

Well, it’s not like anyone went to any trouble to make a special dinner for the President. Oh, wait...

As soon as Johnnie Chace knew she’d host the president for a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at her home with husband Arnold “Buff” Chace, she followed one very local path to serve what she hopes is an amazing meal.

“The first thing I thought was this is a great chance to showcase Rhode Island and focus on the hard-working people who bring us our food,” she said.

Preparing the food for the $7,500-a-seat fundraiser are the chef/owners of the iconic Providence restaurant Al Forno, George Germon and Johanne Killeen. They were to be out of town on Monday, but when Chace called them two weeks ago, they changed their plans to serve the president.

But the dog poop takes priority, of course. wrong on so-o-o-o many levels, it racked up some incredibly witty comments. Not surprising as it probably qualifies as the best straight line opportunity in the last month. I will spare you what I came up with but invite visitors to add any comments below and, if we get a good run of 'em, I might award a prize.

But just to let you know that our Boy King is still running on empty, it seems that he and the FLOTUS are now pissing off the inside-the-Beltway social elite with their Shoulder Town antics. This from Andrew Malcom's "Top of the Ticket" blog in the Los Angeles Times: seems major turmoil is building within Washington's self-proclaimed social elite crowd. The elites are the elites because they give money to cultural and political things which, as everyone knows by now, buys them access to the powerful, who deny this.

In this case, the access is to the White House and its reputedly elegant social affairs, which is a big deal among those unelected but rich permanent residents of the Capitol area. Many presidents have rewarded these well-dressed people with receptions and dinners and, most importantly, an executive residence receiving line. These are called "grip and grins" because the donor grips the president's hand, they both smile and a White House photographer snaps a photo, which is often then signed by an autographing machine so it can hang in an office or den as framed testimony to eliteness -- and access.


But here's the deal: The White House's rookie rubes from Illinois don't understand how Washington works. Or they do understand, but they don't care.

Now that they're in the White House, the Obamas don't like the lines. And they don't like the press of ordinary people around them during mingles. So, as Women's Wear Daily explained so exquisitely recently here, they've ordered changes. No more tedious-for-them-exciting-for-others reception lines. And in the actual affair's rooms, new barriers have been erected to keep some distance between the first couple and those who would approach them. No more mingling. Handshakes and quick chatter only for those up front right by the red rope or chain. Sometimes, only one Obama attends.

Needless to say, this has outraged many accustomed to preferred treatment but who don't want their names published because they still want to be invited. Others, however, are less reticent, still donate but don't bother going anymore.

“It just doesn’t seem very hospitable to me," observes Maureen Malek, a recent D.C. ball chairwoman. “It’s their way, and each president has his own way of greeting people. For some people, it doesn’t matter. They just love being in the White House. I like it the other way.”

Although I am somewhat torn on this last kerfluffle, I gotta go with the boorishness of Mr and Mrs Shoulder Town (especially, the FLOTUS with the stevedore shoulders) because it's just not on, don't you know, old son. But one has to admit a delicious trickle of schadenfreude at having these D. C. swells and swell-ettes get stiffed by their darling hicks-from-the-hinterlands.

Still in all, the image of President Purple-lips out on the front lawn of the White House lawn on a chilly November evening with a dog on the end of the leash, hunched over in that classic pinching-a-load stance is not the soaring imagery of presidential bearing.

Shovel ready project?



  1. I love it, WP. I guess all the duped elites are figuring out that oblahblah prefers dog poop to them! ha ha. Can't wait until tomorrow....he'll really be peevish then. I hope Bo the pooch survives.

  2. Oregon Ducks mopped the floor with USC, and I hear not a peep from WP. I was thinking a little nod of appreciation would have been in order, but I guess not. I'm not feelin' the love, just not feelin' it.

  3. Great post! I missed this one and I will have to add it asap!

    I saw you link to me at VDH's blog. Thanks so much... Been very busy and it's getting hard to keep up with all BHO's failures and keep in touch with other bloggers. Thanks so much for your support!