August 5, 2010

WMUR turns over a rock..finds creepy crawly things..

(Working Title: Rust Never Sleeps!)

Mrs War Planner and I went out for her birthday tonight and I got hammered; a lovely Japanese lady with a capacity far superior to mine has guided me home and parked me in front of my computer while she watches today's episode of "GeGe's Wife"....and I discover What Makes Us Right has uncovered more dirt about government that would have escaped us back in the halcyon days of "I don't give a sh*t".

It is the value of the internet, droogies, the reason we will will prevail over the flatulent remnants of gummint who who persist in trying to foist this stuff off on us.

WMUR uncovers re-animated dormant government corruption and brings it to life on his blog and LCRez.

Give it a thorough viddy, me brothers!



  1. Give the missus a big "O-tanjoubi, omedetou gozaimasu!"

  2. Happy Birthday to Mrs. War Planner.

  3. 戦争 Planner 夫人はあなたの考慮をありがとうございますと言います