August 11, 2010

MOORie Antoinette continues her regal ways..

Hat tip to a HillBuzz Boyz commenter on the First Wookie's visit to the Maryland State House today:

Michelle Obama, Sasha visit Md. State House

CSC_0814.JPGA visit to Maryland's State House billed as a sort of First Family summer school for 9-year-old Sasha Obama and her cousins briefly halted work inside the state capital and produced a spectacle in Annapolis on Tuesday as police pushed crowds further from the capital.

Instead of just dropping by with a small security contingent and pressing the flesh with gummint werkerz, Her MOOStress had the joint shut down while she toured the place alone (emphasis added):

The visit was described as a "private tour" and a Washington Post reporter with an office in the State House was told to leave the building as the Obamas arrived. Other reporters were told they could not enter the building once the tour had begun. Several House and Senate staffers who were allowed to remain inside said they were told to turn away down hallways or into offices as the family passed. Outside a crowd of about 50 onlookers were pushed back three times, ultimately across a roadway., isn't that the limit? Oh, but this was an important part of their children's schooling:

A spokesman for Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) said Michelle Obama remarked that the tour was one of a series of summer educational trips.

..leave no child behind? Don't you wish all of the nation's kids had such an opportunity?

November 2012 cannot come soon enough for me.



  1. >refer to Michelle Obama as The First Wookie.

    I also take issue with Michelle Obama being referred to as a Wookie. She looks much more like a Ferengi.

  2. Anon, we may be graceless slobs at times, but we are not in the White House. Don't you see the difference? Don't you see why it is important to have leaders with grace and charm? Leaders who know how NOT to rub our noses in their good fortune (at our expense).

    Why are you unwilling to put your blogger account behind your opinion, like the rest of us.

    So yeah, while the language gets a bit salty on the blogs at times, none of us here are running for office. And we are exercising our free speech rights. If you don't like it, there are LOTS of other pages on the internet you can click on.

  3. Anonymous,

    Now that my comrade attack dogs have softened you up, I will address the almost-baseless charges you have hurled at me. Let's do this in an orderly, efficient manner, as MGSGT Highway would say,

    (1) You are an absolute disgusting, graceless slob of a person to refer to Michelle Obama as The First Wookie.

    ..yes, I am. It's a sobriquet that's been overused. I bow to Bastiarian for his originality.

    (2) At least you don't hide your racism.

    Actually, I cannot make the connection between racism and my writing about MOOrie in this way. I was referring to her and not a black women. If you saw it that way, then you must be..

    ..naw, that couldn't be the case, could it?

    (3) You have no idea what the Constitution means, or what it means to be an American, and no, I don't care what your background is.

    Actually, I do. I carry a copy with me and manage to read it almost every day. My oath of allegiance as an officer in the USAF means I take pride in defending this country from her enemies -- and that means protecting you and your family from the same threat that endangers all of us, WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE, CREED, OR ORIGIN. My background is that I am an American-born, white male -- obviously a racist -- married to a Japanese lady and the father of three sons, my Japanese-American son being a Lance Corporal in the USMC, who swore the same oath as I to protect and defend you.

    (4) How can you walk around with so much hate?

    I work out a lot.

    (5) I almost feel sorry for you, but it appears that you are a grown person with all your faculties, or are at least without congenital abnormalities of the brain. So, no.

    ..good, you're maturing. Compassion and understanding are within reach; keep working on it.

    (6) Have a nice day, graceless stupid slob(s).

    Well, I have so far. In fact, your comment has made my day.

    ..and, I am NOT graceless. Stupid, maybe; a slob, definitely; but NOT graceless.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mom.

  4. >I work out a lot.

    That was my favorite.

  5. WTG, everyone! Odie, your rant is great.
    Opie, you are a sweetheart.

    TWP, I think that troll will jump into the depths of slime where they
    crawled out of, and never return.

    I liked your "I work out a lot" answer too! How hilarious.

  6. Bunni,

    It is my fervent wish that she returns; I believe it some misguided female Obama devotee from the I-Love-MOORie site I mention some time ago.

    As Odie speculates, it may even *be* my clothing-doffing-anti-war-protesting mum.

    (You don't even want to know.)

    I thank you all for your kind support. We must show affection to these visitors, however. They keep us in business, allow us to sharpen our skills, and, alas, are a vanishing breed now that Soros has closed his pocketbook.


  7. Did I read that correctly? Soros closed his pocket book?

  8. That troll may never come back after that thrashing. I bet his lumps have lumps.