August 25, 2010

RX for November Democrats: Tylenol


by the Left Coast Rebel

A reader just sent me a tip on a miracle compound for Democrats, post November 11.

He read it and thought that it was a simply perfect solution for Democrat-pain - it's a study on Tylenol recently performed by the University of Florida:

Over-the-counter painkiller may help ease emotional slights, UF study finds

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Maybe that disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant should have popped a couple of Tylenols.
A University of Florida researcher says acetaminophen, an ingredient in the popular over-the-counter pain reliever, may relieve social pain from hurt feelings. The findings suggest for the first time that emotional and physical pain are interrelated, said Gregory Webster, a UF psychologist who co-authored the study with a team of researchers.

“We think that social pain piggybacks onto physical pain and the two systems sort of bleed into each other, so that just as you feel emotional distress from physical pain, the social pain of having a romance breakup or getting a horrible grade can translate into feeling sick to your stomach or getting a bad headache,” he said.

I love the idea and it sounds like it might just do the trick for Democrats. Think about it - the bases are covered. Tylenol may actually relieve social pain from hurt feelings and the corresponding, piggy-backing physical pain...

This is simply an incurable condition with statist-socialist Democrats, though:

Acetaminophen may also show promise in curtailing antisocial behavior, Webster said.

PS - Please keep the Tylenol secret just that. Or better yet, if you prescribe Tylenol for post-traumatic Democrat stress, make sure you advise copious alcohol consumption as well.

Then that way, they won't know the magic bullet.
You can't fix stupid but you can vote it out of office and make the pain go away.

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  1. This is funny, let's hope they all get some of the bottles that weren't recalled back when there was that big tylenol recall, you know what I mean ;-)

  2. What they really need and has always worked is an education, that is a real one.

    Being time is short I advise a radical approach to this education as in 'Clockwork Orange'.