August 18, 2010

Sign of the times?

Brought to my attention by The Good Lance Corporal who's not liking this one bit:

Army strong?

I don't think so!

I gotta agree with him; this is what we'd like to see:

Hell's Bells. My USAF officer basic was tougher than the new Army regimen. Must be Obama's fault.



  1. What about the pony rides?
    Don't we get pony rides?

  2. I'm seething. I guess the Army ran out of senior officers who were warriors ... who know what it takes to win a war. It isn't getting in touch with your softer side or carrying a European man bag.


  3. From Mr. Supi - They are training a bunch of wussies and won't be able to do the job in the future.

  4. So, the US Army is now a day spa. I guess we can kiss our superpower status goodbye in short order.

    With the wussification of America over the last few decades, I'm actually kind of amazed it took this long.

  5. ..ladies and gents, sorry to go dark but I had a production problem to solve. But I am dying here! Excellent remarks; solution lies in denying pony rides (LOL!) and arming them with Mosin Nagants.

    ..that'll show 'em for having a punk-assed metro-sexual CINC! And what's with the CMSGT/Army? If it's a woman, would expect (and want) someone who looks more like a Diesel Dyke.

    (..oh, I *am* gonna get letters!)