August 12, 2010

Somewhere down there..

..some MOOZ-lems want to build one of their mosques..

..I think close to here:

I wonder what this person would have thought of this idea?

..and I wonder what they would have had to say about it?

..and I wonder what you will do about it?

Oh, and to the anonymous troll who visited a few posts ago: is this racist and insensitive enough for you? If not, I got a few more well-chosen words for you and your rag-head, camel-driving, goat-roping pieces of dessicated dromedary turd friends.

Y'all come back, ya heah?



  1. WP, don't worry about that troll. His words are so much bovine excrement.

    They want to ban the powerful images of 9-11 because they know we remember and remind others to do so, too. Well, too bad for them. They should have thought of that before murdering 3K of our fellow Americans.

  2. "MOOZ-lems"? Greg Gutfeld calls them "Mosque-teers"

  3. Now, THAT gets the damned point across. Sickening, sobering, but very necessary. Well done, sir.