August 25, 2010

LEST WE FORGET: Make it go viral..

Bunni, one of the esteemed members of LCRez, posted this and appealed to others to do the same. Here goes but -- WARNING -- get your blood pressure medicine and get your mind in a calm place before doing watching.

I don't know about you, but I am waxing much more impatient over MOOZ-lem insistence that we are insensitive to their religion and their traditions. On tonight's news comes the story about employee at Disneyland out here in Anaheim who is unhappy because she was dismissed for wearing an unauhorized head scarf while playing her part. (Employees at Disneyland are called "cast members".) Of course, she retained a MOOZ-lem lawyer, etc. I'm thinking settlement and payoff to make her go away; not a bad days work for donning a kerchief.

But there are other instances of this almost daily. Mrs War Planner -- a green-card-carrying-permanent-resident-about-to-become-a-citizen from the Land of the Rising Sun -- keeps mumbling the old, "when in Rome" aphorism. Almost 30 years here in the West and Madame W. P. has had no problem with the Roman thingy.

She loves hamburgers ("In-n-Out" double-double, especially) and whatever beer's on special at Rite Aid.

..but, alas, I am tiptoeing up to the demarcation line of intolerance, I guess. But, like Bunni, I get tired of being treated like a trogladyte in my own country.




  1. Hi War Planner, Thanks for posting this important video. I am sick of these whiny "special" people too! Most good people from other countries, like your dear wife, adapted and followed "when in Rome".

    I am tired of bending over backwards and being taken advantage of in my own country too! These mooselimbs and others have opened a floodgate of lawsuits and PC junk that I fear we'll never eradicate! I'm not about to roll over and be made a 2nd class citizen in my own home, & Country! I will keep writing about it, to at least vent....because the powers that be don't seem ready to change.

  2. PS: I just updated the post with the latest outrage perpetrated by obummer & the oily mosque iman!
    It was on Gateway Pundit this'll really be mad now, TWP!

  3. Excellent vid. I will come back and grab it later.