August 9, 2010

Democratic Imposters Infiltrating November Election Updated: Reader Request

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'm sure that you can recall the failed "Crash the Tea Party" and other flopped infiltrator pushes into the Tea Party movement this year. I tagged and bagged an individual myself (photo at left) at the Tax Day Tea Party here in Oceanside, California on April 15 of this year. He was unsophisticated (potentially homeless), smelled of booze and probably was a "here's $50 bucks and a box of wine" attempt by local ACORN/SEIU thugs to infiltrate the event. Also, my report made it's way to

Such attempts were massive fails across the nation but something else perhaps quite more serious is brewing behind the scenes. Fox News:

The list of peculiar Tea Party happenings goes on and on.

As the midterm election nears, allegations are surfacing across the country that Democrats are exploiting conservatives' faith in the Tea Party name by putting up bogus candidates in November -- the claim is that those "Tea Party" candidates will split the GOP vote and clear the way for Democratic victories.

The theories may prove to be more than just conspiracy talk. Some of the allegations are coming directly from local Tea Party activists who are trying to flag the media and election officials as soon as they smell something fishy on the ballot. And they say they've got proof.

Oftentimes I gauge how seriously the communist left takes a story like this via. trolling the comment section of a particular hot news article. Typically the cabal of progressive-collectivist leftist groups orchestrate a lemming-army of dedicated talking point trolls.

I found almost 700 comments for the Fox article, many sounding straight out of the Soros/Plouffe playback. This equals strong anecdotal evidence of Democratic Tea Party infiltration and the underground nutroots working to that aim as well.

Fox News documents stories crossing several states involving potential Democratic Tea Party infiltration. Glenn Reynolds had a call to arms yesterday:


So here is what I ask of you. If you know of any cases like this that reek of malfeasance and an attempt to distort the Tea Party movement momentum we would like to know. Send any tips or information that you may have to

Conservative Generation and I will be compiling a list of possible cases so your help would be much appreciated.

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