August 3, 2010

Oh boy! P. L. O.!

Well, I see they trotted out doddering ol' Andy Griffith out to tout ObamaCare. Guess it was wither that or the death panels.

Ol' Andy shoulda quit while he was still a P.L.O.:



  1. Me thinks he lost his freaking mind. It's a long way from Mayberry.

  2. He's always been a freak-o liberal. Now he's a senile freak-o liberal, which is more or less the same thing.

  3. Gentlemen, clearly the man's mind has decomposed into sorghum paste. I'd feel sorry for him except for the observation that LL made. this droller is no better than a Judas goat leading all of us sclerotic old coots through the doors of the death panels and into to the Elysian fields.

    Admiral, thanks for stopping by. I admire your site a great deal. Please do not be a stranger..

    ..because there are few who are stranger than I.

  4. sh*t! Droller == drooler, of course.