August 8, 2010

Hot Air! Comment of the Day..

In response to AP's article on MOOfo's Marbella excursion and the fact that it's on our nickel because it's a rigged official state visit by having the FLOTUS swap Big Macs and Fries with the King and Queen of Spain:

I see that none of you have spoken to many blacks about this. This is going over big time in the black community. The black people I know are telling me they think, “you go girl, keep on spending the white man’s money”. They feel that Michelle is sticking it to the man and she should just keep spending and spending since it isn’t their money, it is the government’s money and the man never paid reparations. So they think it is great that she and Obama are taking trips and vacations They are getting satisfaction living through what Obama and Michelle are doing.
Say what you want but consider the truth. This is helping Obama big time in the black community.
pwb on August 7, 2010 at 12:30 PM

I realize that this treads on the sensitivity of the good, the decent, the squared away like Clifton over at Another Black Conservative and it is the reason I dislike Obama all the more -- for bringing race to the forefront when his campaign pledge said we'd all be living in a post-racial, Skittle-crapping Unicorn strewn paradise.

UPDATE: Runner up cited:



  1. Michelle and the ol' ball 'n chain are gone in about two years. And history will not treat these assholes very well, rest assured.

  2. Fredd,

    ..your lips to God's ears, my friend. remember the crap that floated to the surface when the Clintons left the White House. The Hazmat cleanup and tell-alls will make that look like the end of the day at a kindergarten class.