August 10, 2010

Stuck on stupid..

Well, it seems that our Little Johnny One-Note is back(?) on the campaign trail once more having run out of places to vacation. This time he is in Texas -- home of the last real president the U.S. had before this fraud got elected -- and is banging on his predecessor's record. From a Reuter's story:

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug 9 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama attacked the economic policies of his Republican predecessor George W. Bush in Bush's home state on Monday as evidence of the way Republicans would operate if given power in Nov. 2 U.S. congressional elections.

At a fund-raising event for Democrats in Dallas, where Bush now lives, Obama said the former president's "disastrous" policies had driven the U.S. economy into the ground and turned budget surpluses into deficits.

Obama defended his repeated references to Bush's policies, saying they were necessary to remind Americans of the weak economy he inherited from Bush in January 2009. it me, or is this getting old?

Of course it is and it's all this idiot's got. But you gotta hand it to him; he is getting pretty adroit at not only blaming the preceding administration but also proffering an excuse for his clown troupe's monumental failures. If the Dems suffer the blood bath that is being predicted, then do you suppose that they'll see that this screamig a**hole has brought them to this point and dump his sorry butt for the remaining two years? As posted here before and speculated all over the internet, a mid-term debacle and continued spectacles of clown troupe members fleeing the cabinet -- like Romer did last week -- might just see a "draft Hillary" of "draft Kerry" or, hell, "draft the bum living on the steam grate out in front of the Rayburn building" in an attempt to wall off this loser.

The laughable thing is that The POSOTUS really is in campaign mode! I mean, it was a joke for the first few months of his term and everyone chuckled. But when this continued into -- what? -- almost the twentieth month and all he has done is (1) campaign, (2) make excuses and blame Bush, (3) vacation, (4) fund-raise, and (5) play golf.

Rinse and repeat.

But there are signs that this is getting old and -- not surprisingly considering the abilities Obama has displayed this past year-and-a-half -- he is failing at even that. Last week, he visited Georgia and the candidates scurried like cockroaches in the kitchen when the light comes on. Same story in Texas:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a possible Republican presidential candidate someday, wouldn't miss welcoming the president of the United States to the Lone Star state Monday. He showed up at the airport to shake hands and chat briefly and hand-deliver a letter seeking more federal troops to secure the border with Mexico. (A wary Obama gestured for the letter to go to an aide instead.)

While former Houston mayor Bill White, the Democrat who's unsuccessfully seeking to end Perry's GOP tenure as Texas' longest-serving governor ever, just could not fit an appearance with Obama into his impossible summertime schedule.

Same thing happened last week when Obama wandered down to Georgia and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes was unable to make time to see his party's national leader. Obama had to settle Monday for the company of former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, actually an Obama cabinet member who's supposed to be promoting U.S. trade overseas.

Here's how Obama political adviser David Axelrod didn't explain the candidates' absences to CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

These candidates are going to make the decisions they think are best for them. We wish them well. Obviously, the president is raising money in Texas today to help Democratic candidates across the country. He's making a speech about education and its importance in America's economic future. We're down there doing the business we went to do.

Ya gotta love Perry's moxie. I caught him on Hannity last night where he said that The Pantload did not have the time to meet with him during the Texas visit -- not even a five minute limousine ride -- so Perry seized the opportunity, inserted himself into the political vacuum at DFW, and handed the letter to Obama. Oh, and of course, The Tone Deaf One foisted it off on some minor flak-catcher in his entourage like it had cooties on it or something.

This guy doesn't get anything right, does he?

Well, a commenter to Reuter's story sums this up nicely:

Is this clown actually our president or is he still stuck on stupid in a 2008 campaign? The Obama administration and the Pelosicrats have proved themselves massive failures in policy. A full year and a half after Obama has taken office and a trillion dollar “stimulus” bill was passed to get unemployment back down has done nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. But let these clowns on the modern left continue to slam Republicans. As they say in Texas, “That Dog Won’t Hunt Anymore.”


  1. Blame Bush is all he has but even the dullest of crayons in the box called the U.S.A. is simply not buying that anymore.

    As for the pols running away from Hussein, well as the old adage goes; "You can run but you cannot hide".

  2. Christoper, I love the crayon metaphor; connotes both lack of mental acuity as well juvenile endeavor.